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New product | H8N eight-channel headphone amplifier


       Fashion product with delicate processing

 Its shell uses high quality steel, fine and smooth. Each module fits each well. The schematic in the top panel helps you know our product well and also decorates the appearance.


  1U rack structure, concise and convenient

  H8N adopts standard 1U rack structure which can be install into studio handling booth fast, also fits for moving rack well. The silver alum panel features lightweight and sturdy structure. The whole structure is concise and good looking.


Spray painting processing, anti -rust and scratch-resistant


Its surface uses electrostatic dust-free spray process and black elegant appearance both making H8N well looking.  

Powerful adhesion makes it resistant to rust and scraping.


High quality chip more pure sound

 H8N uses high-quality JRC chip, to deal with signal without any damage, making the signal distortion more lower, lower noise; make sure that each channel's power is the same.


Its concise circuit to amplifier the signal independently

 Eight-channel concise circuit to amplifier the signal independently and avoid each channel interaction and mixing which offers pure music input to each headphone.

Dynamic indicates to handling the signal well


Each output channel features one volume knob to adjust the volume that you wanted. Each channel designs 8-level dynamic LED indicator to control output level and avoid sound distortion.


   High quality power, powerful performance ability


New design transformer provides power to H8N, its offering less noise interaction and powerful performance to product. All of  these offer a stable environment to circuit and chip whichhelps  providing good sound quality.


Detail and function

Front panel





1. HEADPHONE: there are eight stereo headphone outputs located on the front panel. All eight outputs can be used simultaneously in a number of configurations detailed below.

2. VOLUME: each output channel features a rotary volume pot for variable adjustment of the desired output level.

3. OUTPUT LEVEL: the 8-digit output level display informs you about signal level of each individual channel and displays it in the range between -30 and 0dB. When the clip LED lights up, lower the amount of gain applied

to the individual channels to avoid distortion.

4. ON/OFF: this LED indicator illuminates when the unit is powered on by the front panel power switch. The power-on LED will illuminate when the power is ‘ON’.Before turning on this unit, verify

connection to the proper voltage AC source, check all connections and turn down the level controls of  equipment connected to the outputs.

Rear panle





5. POWER INPUT: standard IEC power cord receptacle used to connect the AC power to your unit. If features a built-in fuse holder for a 5*20mm, 500mA/250V slow-blow fuse. If the use continuously blows, shut off the unit and have it received by qualified service personnel.

6. AC115V-230V: before plugging in the power cord,check to see that the unit is set  for the proper

voltage for your area: 115v(60hz) or 230v(50hz). (Note: use at the improper voltage can damage your unit 230V and void the warranty).

7. MONO/STEREO: each set of input has mono/stereo pushbutton select switch. Note that the L/Mono input should be used in Mono mode.

8. INPUT: there are 3 sets of balanced-line stereo inputs.These are labeled “CHANNEL A,CHANNEL B,




                                       Audio inputs                                    

                                 * Connectors: 1/4’’TRS

                             * Type: balanced Impedance: 47KΩ

                                  * Max input level: +25dB

                                Headphone power amplifier outputs

                                * Max output level: 100mV@32Ω

                                    * Output impedance: 22Ω

                                         * Gain: 12.5dB

                       Distortion, frequency response, S/N ratio & crosstalk

                                         * Distortion: 0.02%

                                  * Frequency response: 20hz-20khz

                                         * S/N ratio: >80dB

                              * Crosstalk rejection: >68dB@1khz; 20dB input

                                             Function control

                                     * Volume: per channel, variable

                                  * Signal selector: per channel, variable


                                              Power supply

                 * AC requirements: selectable, 100-120V AC, 200-240V AC, 50-60HZ

                       * Fuse: 100-120V AC:1000mA;200-240V AC:500mA

              * Power cord connector: standard IEC receptacle with built-in fuse holder



                                  * Size: 44.5mm * 482.6mm * 217mm

                                          * Net weight: 3264g


                                           3 sets stereo input

                                         Mono/Stereo press button

                                     8-channel stereo headphone output

                         Individual volume control and LED level dynamic indicactor

                           According to combine 3 sets input, it can achieve one set input channel to all 8 output channels or distribute to different output channels

                                        Stereo/Mono press button

 It can achieve one headphone to monitor 2 different mono channel sound then satisfied to your different monitor requirements.