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T05 instrumental condenser microphone

Applying for various occasions

Satisfied different people/occasions requirement

T05 condenser mic suitable for drum, piano, guitar, percussion instruments, orchestral and other kind of instruments. Mic also fits for studio recording, broadcasting and film post production. Dual mics can do stereo recording.

        Exquisite handmade and flexible appearance

Condenser mic shell adopts various processing to make T05. Sturdy metal contracture and 23mm diameter shell both of these make it easy to carry out and applying to different recording environment.  

The professional de-noise design

The capsule and shell are cone shaped which help to reduce shocking and reflection. It also optimize polar pattern and enhance picking up sound quality.

Capsule remove/packing

Remove the capsule in anti-clock direction and change the capsule that you wanted, then lock it in clockwise direction.

          Detachable capsule design

The capsule of T05 can be detachable. It features omni, hyper-cardioi, cardioid 3 capsules. Different environment use different capsule. Combine with two or more T05 mics, via A/B, X/Y stereo recording modes you can capture sound more accurate when in studio or stage performance.

Handmade, fine and exqusite

The handmade capsule makes sound more natural and fine. Via transparent high frequency and straightness low frequency to offer more detailed sound quality. No matter SPL percussion instruments or crisp guitar sound, T05 will performance it well.

Satisfied various requirements


It picks up sounds from all directions. This pattern is good for picking up room ambience and for miking several sources, such as an ensemble or multiple singers, simultaneously. The omni polar pattern exhibits no proximity effect.


When this pattern is selected the mic pick up sound directly in front of the mic and is least sensitivity to those in back. This is the most commonly used pattern in studio recording and live-sound application.


In a complex environment, to pick up the sound more selective which suitable for concert living, press briefing and such occasions.