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New product MA-1 mic amplifier(suit for dynamic mic and passive ribbon microphone)

Thepowerful signal to increase gain

MA-1 micamplifier provides +25dB gain to microphone, it offering powerful

signal todynamic mic or ribbon mic and keeping the original sound.

he unique JEFT condenser amplifier electronicsboard design

MA-1adopts the unique JEFT condenser amplifier electronics board design whichensures stable

performance then amp the input signal. It also ensures lowself-noise, sound loss and no overtones of the original signal, offering quiteoutput signal.

Theportable power supply

Consoleor sound card offers 48V phantom power to MA-1, during amp board performance itwill exhausted power offering by console or sound card. Under that situation,it can not provide phantom power to help mic running. Compared with dynamic andpassive ribbon mic, 48V phantom power has a little bit unnecessary. MA-1 makesfull use of this function to become a gain mic amplifier and provides powersound.

Flexibleand firmly

The highquality aluminum shell ensures product firm and long time using. Its net weightonly 175g, it is not only suitable for studio recording also suitable foroutdoor performance.

Simply connection

Onlyconnect dynamic or passive ribbon mic to input connector and connect sound cardor console to output connector, then turn on 48V phantom power, MA-1 runningnormally.

Suitablefor dynamic and passive ribbon mic well

Due toits low sensitivity (dynamic and passive ribbon mic), the sensitivity is around-55dB, this kind of mics we need more than 55dB mic amplifier. But the basicsound card or mic amplifier not only ensures enough gain range also low noiseincreasing when increasing mic gain. Base on the point, MA-1 suitable fordynamic and passive ribbon mic well.


Gain: 25dB

Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz±1dB

Input impedance: 150Ω

Noise: <3mv

Length X width X height: 100mmX50mmX38mm