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New product| Alctron SC230N isolated signal splitter


Product introduction


SC230N is a isolated signal splitter that will let you split a XLR input to 2 XLR balanced outputs. Each balanced output has ground lift switch to aid in elimination of ground loops.


High delicate output signal with low noise electronics line: the professional audio transformer comes with smooth frequency response, low distortion and reducing radio frequency interference. Two channels balanced output level pure and natural, compared with unbalanced signal, less signal interference and transmission longe



LIFT-GND: each channel has LIFT-GND switch used to isolate input and output ground noise which makes output signal more pure.

             Except powerful function, the detailed design is also wonderful.

The concise appearance, impact resistance: SC230N shell adopts alum material, its lightweight style owing impact resistance ability to reduce radio signal interference.


Anticollision design ensures long time using: each side comes with protection panel to prevent product drop and collision with other devices. This design ensures product’s long time using.




1.INPUT: XLR balanced signal input connector.

2.THRU: balanced signal output connector.

3.0 +180°:dial to the 0 it indicates that the input and output phase is the same; dial to the 180°it indicates that the input and output phase is opposite.

4.OUTPUT A: A XLR balanced signal output connector.

5.OUTPUT B: B XLR balanced signal output connector.

6.LIFT GND: disconnect input ground output to stop hum and buzz.



Frequency response: 20hz-20khz

Max input level: +20dBu(1%50hz)

Distortion: 0.002%(0dB 1khz)

Insertion loss: -2.5dB into 600 ohms load; <0.1 dB into 50 kohms load


Product packing list


Note: SC230N isolated signal splitter, manual, warranty card and certificate