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New product incoming, uncommonly microphone


Product introduction:

GK800 is a versatile with high performance tube condenser microphone. It adopts 34mm gold-plated large diaphragm capsule and transfomerless design makes GK800 a better low frequency response and capture almost high SPL power(such as guitar amp, orchestral and so on) and high SPL sound (such as drum kits, guitar or bass). It applies to vocal, instruments, guitar, bass recording.


Product feature:


Fashion looking and delicate processing

According to D & R team’s investigation and customer need, GK800 adds 6 LED on the top shell. When connecting to power, 6 LED lit at the same time, the effect is cool(especially in night time). Very suitable for playing music, live broadcasting to attract eyeballs, and meet the requirement of unconventional aesthetic.


In addition, the new products in the processing technology also has many remarkable places, the shell made of high-quality copper tube precision processing, feeling very thick. The whole shell uses electroplating pearl nickel processing which ensures color uniformity, smooth surface, high adhesion and anti rust.


                                (advanced surface processing technology)


The outstanding sound quality and pure sound

It uses company's self-developed 34mm gold-plated large diaphragm capsule with 3 microns thickness of steaming gold special pellicle. It has a good sensitivity and ensures good sound quality. Due to its fine capture, pure sound quality, vivid details and other function makes it fitting for family/personal studio, recording studio and other similar occasion.


                (gold-plated capsule and 3 microns thickness of steaming gold pellicle)

Compact structure and fully equipment

Outside net uses crush copper, it has compressive performance which filters air and saliva effectively, offering a wonderful protection for capsule in a way. It also avoids distortion and dental, offering high-quality sound restore. GK800 adopts gold plated 3-pin XLR connector to offer a better shielding, closer connecting, smooth transmission and clarity sound quality.

GK800 comes with a high quality shockmount. High quality steel makes construction more firmly and good looking. When using the mic, shockmount will lock the mic in position and also reduce the thrill during recording.


                                 (alu case packing+shockmount+manual)


Low frequency fitting for various occasions

GK800 is differ from other vocal mic, it not only performance vocal well but also capture almost high SPL power /sound. It applies to drum kits, bass, guitar, sax, flute, pipe, orchestral instruments and woodwind instruments picking such various occasions.



  Type: large diaphragm tube condenser mic

  Capsule: 34mm gold-plated large diaphragm capsule

  Polar pattern: cardioids

  Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz

  Sensitivity: -38dB±2dB

  Impedance: ≤200ohm

  Equivalent noise level: 14dB

  Max SPL: 125dB

  Connector: 3-pin XLR

In future, Alctron will continue to develop new technology, in order to provide users with more powerful function, more complete, more convenient and better recording audio products.

Please continue pay attention to our new product.