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  Alctron GK600 condenser microphone coming soon

一、Product introduction

Alctron GK600 suitable especially for studios, recording studios, broadcasting stations and stage performance. It adopts 34mm gold-plate diaphragm capsule which captures most kind of subtle sound. 48V phantom power to offer the power making it is possible using outside.


二、Product feature

(一)Excellent workmanship and outstanding details

Due to this microphone need feature better shield effect so we choose high quality conductive and shielding material as shell. After many strict inspection procedures and finally through CNC lathe precision machining ensure GK600 a good quality. The shell is concise, finest and smooth and meanwhile the all metal shell to reduce the external electromagnetic interference effectively. The appearance of the whole body is low-key and elegant black, dust-free painting process makes the microphone with rust, scratch resistance, long use and nondiscolouring change performance.

GK600 adopts metal net to protect capsule. The outside net uses crush copper which has compressive performance, the inner net uses fine copper which filter air and saliva effectively.

It also prevent to reduce the distortion and dental without reflection sound's clarity, offering high-quality sound.



(二)High quality sound and outstanding low frequency

GK600 is a cardioids condenser microphone which picks up the front sound and attenuation the sound from backward. Such design restores the users’ original sound and also avoids the inference from audience. When recording in studio, it reduce the around sound and feedback sound effectively. But when in a bad recording environment, reduce around noise.

GK600 can improve 6—10dB under 100Hz frequency response. When in close miking, feeling warmer and heavier, but clarity will not be affected, so it suitable for studios, recording studios, broadcasting stations and stage performance.

The new product performance well in low frequency response, when the distance between mouth and pop filter is less than 15cm, vocal output will full and bass will also increase, while the sound will be extremely clean, it realizes maximum isolation of other sources; when the distance between mouth and pop filter is 15 to 60cm, output sound quality is natural and bass will decrease; when the distance between mouth and pop filter is 90cm to 1.8m, you will hear the different level sound around the environment.



(三)All electronic circuit control, high precision

GK600 is D & R by Alctron engineer which based on FET electronics, select high quality component after careful deployment, debugging procedure to make it. It owns fast, fine sound processing capabilities, providing linear audio frequency range, high dynamic, low noise, wide band noise, and very low audio distortion.

(四)Complete accessory, careful and considerate

GK600 comes with PF06 pop filter, will filter air and saliva effectively during recording time. Novelty design makes it easy to install and use. By the way, it features leather bag and shock mount.


  Capsule: 34mm gold-plate large diaphragm capsule

  Polar pattern: cardioids

  Frequency response: 20Hz — 20kHz

  Sensitivity: -37dB±2dB(0dB=1V/Pa)

  Output impedance: 150Ω±30%(at 1kHz)

  Load impedance: ≥1000Ω

  Self-noise: 16dB A

  Max SPL: 132 dB(at 1kHz≤1%T.H.D)

  S/N ratio: 74 dB

  Power supply: 47V phantom power

  Power consume: 3mA


Since the company is founded, Alctron has been focused on the development and production of audio equipment, committed to providing customers with more applicable, more functional, more reasonable man-machine quality products and audio solutions. We value every suggestion from our customers and feedback them to R & D technicians.

Your satisfaction is our best compliment, therefore we always making unremitting efforts.