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  Lasting classics and creating brilliant   Alctron EQ75A three level frequency 500 series EQ published

On 27th 7 2017, Ningbo Alctron Electronics Co.,Ltd. published new product EQ75A three level frequency 500 series EQ published. EQ75A is based on EQ73A, subject to 500 series product and lasting 500 series’ advantages: easy to carry, interchange the module and cheaper price. It also improved disadvantage of which 500 series EQ product must use with mic amp together, EQ75A can use independently.


Only talk about EQ, EQ75A and EQ73A is similar. But as EQ75A is an upgrade of EQ73A, it eliminates crossover distortion to keep original sound quality and its wide output load apply to various devices. EQ75A features independent input and output connectors.

Alctron three level frequency 500 series EQ compared with other brand, EQ module is better, material and construction are more fastidious. It is a studio room effecter, the feature as following conclusion:

High quality steel with delicate process

EQ75A shell adopts antirust galvanized board, after many times numerical control stamping forming, so the construction is stable, durable and effective shielding magnetic field interference. High quality galvanized plate can form a compact protective layer on the steel surface, on the one hand, it can effectively prevent the steel substrate in contact with most of the etching solution; on the other hand, zinc attached on the surface of steel has the cathodic protection effect. Even the zinc layer is damaged, through cathodic protection it also can prevent steel corrosion. High quality and delicate process make the product long time using.



Standard connector, easy to installation

EQ75A adopts standard platoon insert connector design which suitable for various occasions. It not only fitting for S3 rack power but also other 500 series standard power, using convenience.  


Professional electronic board, delicate sound dealing

EQ75A electronic board design based on EQ module Class-A and combining high quality component, through professional engineer’ collocation and optimization. Delicate dealing with the sound picked up by mic amp which makes the output sound more warm and sweet.


Independent performance, applying in most occasions

EQ75A’s EQ is based on EQ73A, when EQ75A inserting to S3, it can directly connecting to mic amp to running. And it also can turn the LINK IN switch to the ON position to connecting 500 series mic amp and EQ then direct output the signal to recording devices without extra cable which makes installation and using more convenience.


Reasonable collocation, elaborate layout

According to different using method, engineer makes reasonable collocation and elaborate layout of EQ75A switches. It makes EQ75A adjusting visual.



Alctron EQ75A will sell online on 27th July, each electronic business also will sell it.

Since the company is founded, Alctron has been focused on the development and production of audio equipment, committed to providing customers with more applicable, more functional, more reasonable man-machine quality products and audio solutions. We value every suggestion from our customers and feedback them to R & D technicians.

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