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Prolight + Sound Shanghai came to an ending| Keeping D & R

On 13th Oct.2018, Prolight + Sound Shanghai came to an ending in new international exhibition centre.

This exhibition, Alctron rewarded a lot. Customer came to our booth one by one, it helping Alctron brand into a new level in international stage.

Based on professional service and outstanding ability, Alctron won attention and appreciation from customers.

Alctron showed audio equipment, microphone, monitor headphone and audio tools four kind of products, also featuring recording experience area.

Please followed to look back of this exhibition.

Recording experience

In analog recording experience area, featuring recording devices, combining classic and new design products offered a vivid visual listening.

Its universal recording experience area attracted many customers and most of them want to have a try. They discussed with each other and offered their suggestions.

New products

Alctron brought a lot of new products including microphone, headphone, amplifier, DI box such kinds of new products. All of these made effort to exhibition.


Among all new microphones, CX5 is more outstanding. No matter performance, sound quality, frequency response is deeply loved by customers.


K9 is also new designed USB microphone, its portable and good looking making it well notice.


WG88+HE810 is a wireless transmitter and receiver combination. One WG88 can transmit wireless signal to at least 50 wireless HE810 headphones. It realizes one to many mode.


HP400V2 is a new 4-channel headphone amplifier. No matter in looking or detail compares with HP400 it catching a higher level. Each channel has its own volume adjustable function to adjust the output level and 7-level LED signal indicator to avoid distortion.

Shinning stars

There is no doubt that audio equipment is more excellent. Each amplifier insert into studio rack attracting most customers.

Our staff introduced product function, application, solve suggestion during performance and other knowledge to customers.


Although the exhibition just last 3.5days, Alctron harvest a lot. Some customers showed their heart that want to cooperate with Alctron soon.

Lively booth

This exhibition appreciated by professor, customer all over the world. We also received various suggestion from customers and learned a lot.

Brilliant products

Audio tools counter

ALctron staff reception foreign customers

Alctron staff make arrangements with


Many kind of headphones listening experience

Recording experience corner

Exhibition came to an ending but keeping creative

Although the exhibition came to an ending Alctron keeps on service, D & R and creative.

We are still focus on audio business to offer better service and better product to al of you.

During 16 years, Alctron not only D & R a series of high quality product but also shows enthusiasm on audio area.

In future, Alctron keeps D & R and offers high quality product and better service to all. Prolight + Sound Shanghai see you next year.