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Shanghai exhibition closed| Do you get the point of 2017 Shanghai exhibition?

Alctron Shanghai prolight + sound exhibition was perfect closed

2017 Shanghai prolight + sound exhibition was closed on 10.14. Alctron showed more than 200 samples including 4 kinds of product. Meanwhile, the new D & R professional mic and monitor headphone gained wide attention and praise from customers both at home and abroad. During 4 days exhibition, domestic and foreign customers visited the booth continuously, activities are wonderful and interaction lotto is tempestuous, all achieving perfect result.

Now let look back the Alctron wonderful moment during exhibition:


Key word 1: Alctron exhibition booth


2017 Alctron Shanghai exhibition expanded its booth area as before and built a stage and large LED used for boasting Alctron video and brand performance. No matter visiting people or influence this time Alctron made a new record in history.

Key word 2: brand performance


Alctron invited famous brand to performance during exhibition, audiences attracted by performance and most of them took a photo keeping as a souvenir.


Key word 3: customer reception


Before the exhibition, sales received the training of product knowledge and customer reception, no exaggerating, no artificial, introducing the product’s advantage objectively. During 4 days exhibition, domestic and foreign customers visited the booth continuously and new products’ quality and creative were approved by most customers, most of them showing their attitude that want to cooperate with Alctron.


Key word 4: interaction lotto


Alctron staff introduced the activity rule to all; uncle security won the first prise-HP280; after winning the prize, the staff and the winners took pictures.



When the audience came on stage to show their voice, we feeling they are in professional level.


Key word 5: Audition room experience



In Audition room, it was showing headphone, mic, amp and other kind of product which R & D by Alctron. In audition room, isolation sponge around the room, closed the door no noise, be a reality person.



Many people in audition room, all of them admired Alctron products.


Key word 6: audio product experience area



In USB audio area, it was showing S507 DSLR recording mic, iLink Plus smart phone mic, U6 USB recording mic and other new tech audio products, new tech new feeling. If you have any problem during experience, our senior engineer helped you to solve the problem.


Key word 7: TV show interviewed our leader


The company in line with "artisan craftsmanship manufacturing high quality products", R and D constantly developed a more advanced technology, high quality, cost-effective products.

With the continuous development, Alctron brand influence is growing day by day, outside pay more and more attention to us. This time our leader accepted the interview by TV show is also a high praise of Alctron 15 years D & R to create national audio manufacture.


Alctron 15th anniversary, thank you for your accompany!