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Quality Control

   The company has established a perfect quality management system according to 9001:2008 ISO standard. And to "product excellence" quality policy, the quality of the implementation of effective PDCA management.

  Company now has professional quality engineers, technicians and quality inspection staff of more than 20 people, more than 500 advanced testing equipment, consisting of a high quality, strict requirements of the strong product management team, the use of the most scientific detection means, the product is a strict inspection and monitoring.

 Our products from raw materials procurement, spare parts processing, production, storage and transportation, the factory each link must through specialized quality inspection personnel strict inspection before release. So as to ensure that each product 100% qualified.

 To ensure "quality" is our company's sustainable development, and the dominant ideology of the eternal. We will continue to improve, continue to innovate, to strengthen quality control and assurance, so that the company's products to become customers 100% satisfied with the product.