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Alctron History

2016 YEAR
On 13th April, Ningbo Yinzhou gaoqiao economicconference, Ningbo Yinzhou Alctron electronic Co.,Ltd rewarded “technologyinnovation advanced company” fully affirmed by the government. It also offersmost strong and powerful spiritual pillar to insist on creative way. all staff’s continuous effort and fully affirmedAlctron’s research capacity.

2015 YEAR
through judge by experts Ningbo Yinzhou AlctronElectronics Co.,Ltd “Ningbo Alctron Electronic and Audio Equipment FactoryCenter” awarded by Ningbo Bureau of Science and Technology, Ningbo Economic andInformation Technology Committee, Ningbo Development and Reform Commission andNingbo Bureau of Finance. It’s all staff’s continuous effort and fully affirmedAlctron’s research capacity.

2014 YEAR

AlctronElectronics is awarded “National key high-tech Enterprises”. This time win the“National key high-tech Enterprises”, will play an important role indevelopment history. We will continue taking innovation as the driving force,increasing development of new products and improving the company's corecompetitiveness.

2013 YEAR

Alctron received ISO 9001(2008 version) certification, it is a very  successful introduction of quality management Systems which keeps all of our works to the direction of normalization and standardization, precision and perfection down to the smallest details in daily works for every-body in


2012 YEAR

ERP and PLM systems were introduced to manage the whole company and products development. We have grown as a company by maintaining close contact with our customers, by remaining flexible and being available to offer each customer’s advice. With this approach we hope to continue fulfilling our customer’s requirements.

2011 YEAR
Alctron own its first factory in 2011, and the factory area is increased to 8000 sq meters, the resources get much better optimization, including office and workshop environment, creating a facility based on highly skilled people and more modern machines .

2007 YEAR

Alctron moved to new factory in 2007, the factory lease an area of about 4500 sq meters, and introduced modern machines, such as CNC punch  and bending machine. The staff in whole company reach 170 person in 2010, and managing staff is near 40 persons.

2005 YEAR

In Feb 2005,like most companies, Alctron built own factory and started making mics and some other audio products by own facility, because we started with some great products designs, but outside companies can not meet the requirement of mass production and the quality control.  

2002 YEAR

Alctron was founded in August 2002 By Albert Yue and Henry Peng. At the first 3 years, we designed our first range of microphones and other audio products, originally built by outside factories, and provided business service for some oversea customers.